“For a non-writer, you sure know how to write. I wish I knew as much about English grammar as you!” – Ron Leighton

“Thanks again for another great job. I really can’t tell you how much I enjoy having you edit my stories. Your attention to detail is mind-blowing. How you caught that misspelling in the front matter of my story baffles me. Absolutely brilliant job!” – Kevis Hendrickson

“Thank you again for your edits. Your attention to historical detail is truly second to none. I look forward to working with you in the future.” – Annie Turner

“I have to tell you how delighted I am about you edit. I’m in the middle of changing from you advice. You are better than my tutors at uni.” – Sayuri Yamada

“Oh I love the changes you made to these, and you have made things sound a lot clearer, in a way that makes sense. Genius. … You are a wonderful editor, and you make me feel reassured with your guidance.” – M. Kay


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